PR:  FINCA, one of Pakistan’s leading micro-finance banks, organised a ‘Financial Literacy Programme’ for its customers and members of the general public.

The aim of the video-based awareness programme, held at FINCA’s Johar Town Branch, was to educate customers and raise awareness about microfinance banks amongst those members of society with limited access to financial services.

In a nationwide access to finance survey, 36% of respondents cited a “lack of knowledge or understanding” of financial services. FINCA has taken the strategic initiative to contribute with awareness sessions across the FINCA branch network in the country.

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The purpose of these sessions will be to educate the public on financial services, including budgeting, savings, investments, loans with terms and conditions, bank accounts, and the rights and responsibilities of customers, with the ultimate aim of helping them make smarter banking decisions in the future.

With the help of this ‘Financial Literacy Programme’, FINCA wishes to promote responsible banking by empowering its customers to gain reasonable information from financial institutions that enhances their ability to make sound financial decisions.

Along with being a socially responsible, ethical institution, FINCA is a strong believer in promoting transparent, positive, respectful, and long-term relationships with its clients, and aims to improve the knowledge of local communities regarding basic financial skills.

FINCA believes in firm ethical principles and is committed to promote human dignity by improving living standards through providing better financial solutions and is devoted to benefit the lives of its customers.