To promote quality of education and learning environment in government schools largest festival on science for schoolchildren began at the Khadee Hall in Saidu Sharif Swat.

The two days science festival organized by Swat Education Department, Udhyaana and Pakistan alliance for math’s and science.

Syed Zaheer Islam Commissioner Malakand Division, Shahid Mehmood Deputy Commissioner, Shahab Khan assistant commissioner and Nawab Ali District Education Officer, inaugurated the event.

Hugh crowd attended the science festival that of 1500 girls and 5000 boys from the private and government schools of district swat. The teachers, science experts, entrepreneurs, government officials, Fazal Hakim member provincial assembly attended the science festival. The students showed their passion for science and technology by exhibiting their science models.

The students and six science organizations conducted interactive displays and live experiments, some of which involved robotics, hydraulics, electrical circuits, and easy-to-understand math guides, across Pakistan. The organizations included Learn-o-Bots, Stemmers, Numerica, Pakistan Science Club, AZ Corps and Sabaq.

Educationist pointed that the swat was going to the operation from 2007 t0 2009 due to which they opportunity for the girls to get educated was limited and now the district swat is through recovery process.

The boys and girls started going to schools but there are some hurdles. One of these is poor learning outcomes the grade five students could not read or write a story by its own. Only 44% of the students can perform sum of digit 2.

The specialists noticed that quality-arranged mediations could assist children with an empowering environment to seek and soak up quality learning, and push for an increasing spotlight on changes in math’s and science learning inside classrooms.  It will prove lethal for the students to avail more opportunity through the quality learning which will help the district swat and Khyber puktonkhawa to grow large.

Students created the first national record by extracting DNA from the strawberry under the supervision of National Academy of Young Scientists. The students also represent the structure of DNA through their body formation. The records made by the students will publish in Pakistan record book.