For digitalizing the agriculture sector and to increase crop yields the cellular company launched a new application.

The application is jointly developed by telenor Pakistan and inbox business technology which includes Crop Calculator, Subsidy, Farm Supplies, and Mandi as part of the Connected Agriculture Platform Punjab (CAPP) project launched in 2017.

To guide the farmers to produce good quality crops a set of digital applications were launched in Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki including CAPP Registration, Zarrai Mushwara, Zarrai Jantri, Mukaami Mosam and Kisaan TV.

In the first phase of the project round about 110,000 farmers will be awarded with the 3G/4G enabled smart-phones along with free SIM cards and data bundles.

To facilitate the farmers the telenor and Inbox business technology established 72 fixed and mobile facilitation centers and booths in 36 districts of Punjab. They also train the farmers on application usage, as well as a call centers to support farmers along with an ongoing ‘most connected farmer (MCF)’ programme to encourage farmers on how to maximize benefits from the digital platform.

Bilal Kazmi of Telenor, said, “Inbox is our strategic partner and has been instrumental in making this programme transformer into reality.” He said Connected Agriculture Platform Punjab (CAPP’s) initial results were promising and the company was making a positive impact on Pakistan’s agriculture sector which remains the backbone of country’s economy and key source of livelihood for millions.