The Economic Cooperation Organization Science Foundation (ECOSF), Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, the Inter Academy Partnership Science Education Program (IAP SEP) and Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) have join together to organize an International Forum on Science Education to debate about what endeavors should be make in the advancement of science in response to the desire of society and to address the difficulties posted to human and social development.

The guest speaker for the forum was Prof. Daniel Roun, President of the LA MAIN À LA PÂTE (LAMAP) Foundation France, Dr. R. Indarjani Deputy Director for SEAMEO QITEP in Science, Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Al Tayeb, President Future University, Sudan and Prof. Nisar Ahmad Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor Sukkur IBA University.

The main theme of the Forum is “Quality Science Education at Schools- Which is must for education and economic development of any country focusing on thematic and social aspect of the most important issues of science and technology. 

To achieve sustainable economic development the fact that an effective science education at school level is the bedrock and building block to produce quality higher education. There is need to invest more on the science education at all level especially at the school level.

For the improvement of science education, human life and sustainable economic growth effective science education approach such as the Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) should me employed. IBSE should be an approach to teaching and learning in general but especially the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects at all levels particularly the schools. IBSE programme was first launched in the ECO region in June 2015.

Teaching technological literacy, critical thinking and problem solving through science education, gives students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school and beyond. It is about equipping youth, individuals, communities, groups, businesses and government to live and act sustainably; as well as giving them an understanding of the environmental, social and economic issues involved.