Pakistan’s agriculture is contributing 21.4 percent to national GDP and remains the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. It also provides raw material to various industries including textile and sugar industry. More than 60 percent of Pakistan’s population is directly or indirectly linked with agriculture but it’s unfortunate that in our country farm productivity is far less as compared to other countries. Main reason for low farm productivity and low-quality of grains is lack of farm mechanization.  Farm mechanization involves the use of mechanical technology in the diverse farming operations from sowing to harvesting like threshing, watering spraying and other similar farm actions. It is considered as package of technology to guarantee appropriate and timely field operations, reduction in crop losses, increased per capita income with better-quality of grains. Till date Pakistan has only experienced limited farm mechanization and this concept has stayed limited to use only tractors and few other machineries. In recent past, Pakistan’s horsepower per hectare is 1.50, India 2.50, China 3.88 and Japan 7.0. For being agrarian country Pakistan’s economic development is dependent on this sector. Main hurdle in increasing agricultural development is non-availability of farm machinery at low cost to farmer and most importantly at the right time or developed locally. Use of agricultural mechanization can contribute in every stage of crop cultivation which can be observed as saving in seeds 15-20 percent, saving in fertilizer 15-20 percent, saving in time 20-30 percent, reduction in labor force is 20-30 percent while increasing crop intensity 5-20 percent. With the use of farm mechanization number of other objectives can also be accomplished such as escalating the productivity of resources specially land and labor, more and more area to bring under cultivation, conserve energy and resources, improving the comfort and safety of farmers and so on. Although, the use of solar technology is catching up in farming community across the country and solar-powered tube-wells and electricity-generating panels are being used in a number of progressive farmers. The efforts to develop solar-powered machine for drying of crops, distillation of essential oils and roasting of nuts, is being carried out in different universities, but that is not enough. The grounds for mechanized farming are ready. A desire for mechanization on modern technologies is there, all is needed a policy push to capitalize on it. If we keep in view the existing economic situation of the country especially energy crises along with internal and external challenges then it will be realize that our dependence on agriculture sector will more increase to advance the pace of national growth. So, there is need of immediate consideration to boost productivity for this purpose there is need to adopt local based agriculture machinery particularly in those areas where land leveling is required on large scale. Hence, without the infusion of technology modernization of our agriculture doesn’t take place. It’s a need of time to adopt agricultural machinery to accelerate crop production to meet the growing demand of our country.