A Two-day long activity “Lahore Science Mela” was organized by Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) at Ali Institute of Education with the support of prominent Philanthropist Syed Babar Ali.

Fifty plus stalls, book fairs, displays were set up for the children. This event was a provisional science museum which welcomed the people of Lahore to explore the scientific discoveries and milestones in Pakistan.

A large number of organizations along with educational institutes became the part of the event including Technology Times, Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Lahore University of Management Sciences, GC University, CESOS University Peshawar, Institute of Business Administration, Community College Shukkur, University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan Science Club, Robokids, EjadTech, Lahore Astronomical Society, and many more.

Technology Times in collaboration with PSF and Pakistan Academy of Sciences introduced a unique feature in Science Mela by displaying a 100 feet long banner having pictures of eminent Pakistani scientists and engineers who were decorated by Government of Pakistan for their achievement in their respective fields.

It is a great opportunity for children as well as all other participants to know about real legends of Pakistan. A large number of students and citizens appreciated the Banner, and click photos with their favorite personalities pictures.

“The Lahore Science Mela  (LSM) 2018 is a science fest; showcased inventions, discoveries, experiments, science models and artifacts received from all parts of Pakistan. It is an opportunity to engage all citizens, especially the children in celebrating science.

Our focus is on the wonder aspects of practical science accomplished through practical activities such as hands-on games and experiments that will appeal to our young boys and girls”, said by Dr. Saadat Anwar Siddiqi the President KSS.

There is a session on interaction among scientists, educators, doctors, engineers and public in the Lahore, the cultural hub of Pakistan. This year, ECOSF brought two Mathematics experts from Isfahan Iran to display interactive maths games and puzzles that children enjoyed and learned principles of Mathematics with fun.

Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro, President ECOSF told that “team from Iran not only inspired young scientists, but also instructed science students about theoretical and practical aspects of mathematics.  As mathematics is considered to be a dry subject but it is one of the most important science and if it taught interestingly many children can be attracted to it”.

Dr Sabieh Anwar, brain behind the LSM said, “the science museum here at LSM showing lively exhibits of science, art and culture. The festivals demonstrate to aware students that science is not just a dry facts subject”.

The science fair provided opportunity for students of smaller town to exhibit their scientific ideas. They excellently and confidently displayed their science projects and inventions, and also instruct others about the importance of evaluating the scientific phenomena.

Participated school’s children have made number of interesting projects like WiFi enabled “Fruit Cart” to pick and load the fruits and vegetables in gardens and farms, solar panel which could be used to automate for watering the fields.

Dr Sharareh Dastjerdi, from Isfahan Iran, who also set up stall of Khana-e-Riazi Isfahan (Isfahan Mathematics House), told that coming to Lahore was a tremendous experience and this science fair provided opportunity to interact with upcoming scientists of Pakistan.

Commenting on the Banner, the President KSS, Dr Saadat Anwar Siddiqi said, “our people especially young generation is not familiar with the real heroes of Pakistan – the scientists, the engineers, who dedicated their lives for Pakistan. This Banner introduced our scientists and engineers briefly. Through this people will know about their contribution which will encourage them to follow. Moreover, this Banner also introduced different fields of science and technology to our young scientists, this will help them to choose their area of study in future”.

The purpose behind arranging Mela is not to teach but to have fun, through hands-on activities, workshops, fascinating science experiments and demonstration of technological tools that are aimed at all age groups, thus fueling visitors’ innate curiosity towards science. KSS is aimed at promoting the science culture in Pakistan’s educational institutions and in general public.