Higher education Commission (HEC) organized a conference to pay tribute to the working and services of Hawking. Minister of interior Ahsan Iqbal said “despite of his disability he work hard and give the black hole theory”.

Ahsan said that Pakistan is in lack of scientist, researchers, and analytical thinking approach due to these reasons the government of Pakistan has increased education budget from  PKR 35 billion to 50 billion so that good scientist and researchers should be produce.

The youth need to be good researcher in future by following the courage hard work of late Stephen Hawking a well known scientist who passed away last month in United Kingdom.

We have lack of quality scientist, researchers, to compete the modern world by adaptation of critical and analytical thinking approach rather than the cut and paste system told Ahsan. He further added that the upgradation of the curriculum is in the progress and will be completed in the current year.

After that a new curriculum for higher secondary schools is in the pipe line and will be completed by the next year told the audience. The minister also stressed upon the need of the training of the teachers and head of the schools for better results in education sector. According to the record of federal public service commission (FPAS) the level of the students for the CSS exam was not satisfactory.

“Our student’s only depend on Ratta (rote learning) system and this system needs to be changed. Student have to focus on research in the universities as it was the only way of development. They have to resolve puzzles of universe by taking part in innovation research” he said.

He praises the efforts of Stephen Hawking in the field of science and urged the Muslim world to make strong relation with knowledge. Recalling the history of Muslim scientists, he said that they were the creator of all modern knowledge.

Dr.  Mukhtar Ahmad chairman Higher Commission said  Pakistan is the country blessed with enthusiastic youngsters and would play their role in resolving the issues faced by the country.

Youth have to learn from the success of the world leaders and scientists and work hard with dedication he added.