PR:  The IUCN Environment Cell, FATA in collaboration of the line Departments of the FATA Secretariat organized an interactive session on World Water Day, around the 2018 theme of “Water and Nature” on 22 March 2018 to mark the day as an internationally significant day.

Representatives of Forests Sector FATA, Agriculture Extension and Research Directorate, Irrigation Directorate, Fisheries Directorate, Monitoring & Evaluation Directorate, FAO and IUCN team participated in the session. After presenting the global situation, facts and figures about the importance and issues of water wastage, the participants were asked to share their inputs highlighting the issues related to water in FATA and suggest possible solutions to overcome the issues in water sector. The participants’ inputs highlighted the issues of water correlated to various sectors.

While quoting a recent study conducted by IUCN Pakistan in the FATA region, Hameed Hasan, Team-Leader of the Environment Cell, FATA informed that overall water quality survey of the drinking water sources of FATA areas reveals that 97% samples were found unsafe mainly due to the presence of microbiological contaminations. Only 3% sources were found safe for drinking. There is no concept of water treatment through chlorination even at the government level.  All the water supply schemes were running without any monitoring and treatment. He also appreciated the generous funding by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation for the IUCN FATA Water Project and support by the FATA Secretariat officials.

He further said that the study also reveals that due to the conflict and violence, large parts of Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) bordering Afghanistan are facing an acute water crisis with groundwater levels dropping fast.

He stressed on the need for rehabilitation of the irrigation systems in FATA damaged due to War and Terror (Conflict) to make efficient use of the water resources.

International Day of Forests Celebration at Peshawar by IUCN

The International Day of Forests was celebrated on 21 March 2018 at Peshawar by IUCN Environment Cell, FATA along with the Forestry Sector of FATA to mark the International Day of Forests. An interactive and discussion session of the sectoral experts was arranged around the 2018 theme of the day “Forests and Sustainable Cities”.

During the session, expert opinions were brought in discussion, in the context of FATA, regarding importance of Forests in human life, Forests threats, issues and suggestions to mitigate threats to FATA forests. Conservation and development of FATA Forests was discussed in detail.

Representatives of the FATA Forests, Production and Livelihood Department and IUCN attended the session. Participants gave their viewpoints regarding role of Forests in various sectors.