nokia IN RECENT days, once the King of mobile phone – Nokia, back in market with its everlasting 3310, the many people’s first phone. It was reborn of Nokia, but market has switched from conventional to high-end, and to ultra-high-end handsets. It was need of the time to enter the race to conquer same leading position, again. The legacy of Nokia with the most advanced technology and skills of HMD’s manufacturing partners revealed the Nokia 8 to compete the ultra-high-end phone’s battle.

Nokia 8 presents a lot of great features including dual-sensor camera, powerful chipset and a perfectly sized QHD display – specified as 2560×1440 pixels at 16×9 aspect ratio, four times that of 720p standard high definition. But if we compare with a number of competition at the present time it battles to offer anything one of a kind. With a super-high value point, the Nokia 8 is a decent phone yet a long way from an extraordinary one.


  • attractive design, exclusively with shiny effect
  • dual-sensor rear camera with exciting software
  • elegant QHD display
  • having own Android skin


  • no tremendously unique features
  • it’s not waterproof
  • price is a touch higher than we’d hoped

The comeback of Nokia is may be the most fascinating story in mobile phones of 2017, and now its first scope of gadgets is by all accounts finish, with the introduction of brand new Nokia 8.

Prior in the year 2017 HMD global uncovered that it would declare new phones with the Nokia branding, and we’ve just observed the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and the Nokia 6, which are for all mediocre to good mid-range devices.

Launch in Pakistan

Nokia 8 is launched last year 2017 in Karachi Dec 13,2017 but its unfortunate thing that Nokia 8 phone and its accessories is not readily available in the market.


Nokia 8 launched with the price of 59,000 PKR (533.33 US$) but we have already seen the price drop down to 50,000 PKR (451.98 US$).

Key features

  • Dual-sensor rear camera that can take great bokeh images
  • New ‘Bothie’ mode for both selfie and rear camera images


‘Bokeh’ is the feature in the camera which allows you to blur the background. The Nokia 8 includes a dual-sensor rare shooter that can capture ‘bokeh’ pictures with an appealing background blur and utilizes a RGB and monochrome sensor couple for better low light photography. The camera has been made in collaboration with Zeiss as well.

You may have known about the new ‘Bothie’ mode, which utilizes both the forward looking and back confronting cameras in the meantime, so you can catch what’s behind your mobile phone – most likely yourself – and additionally what’s in front.

Over that there’s likewise Nokia’s OZO 3D sound catch tech, which ought to take into consideration more immersive video when you’re recording.


Design and display

  • Nokia 8 is one of the nice-looking Nokia phones ever
  • Metal uni-body available in four different colors
  • Vibrant 5.3-inch QHD display that’s bright and looks stunning

Nokia 8 design is one of the key components, and it’s a standout amongst the most – if not the most – excellent phone we’ve ever observed with the Nokia branding.

It’s an aluminum unibody plan with metal edges, however while the back is metal as well, the vibe on the back will rely upon which complete you decide on.

The body of the telephone is thin, coming in at 7.9mm at its thickest point, however the edges bend down, so it fits easily in the hand.

Nokia 8 Specs

  • Weight: 160g
  • Dimensions: 151.5 x 73.7 x 7.9mm
  • OS: Android 7.1.1, upgrade prepared to Oreo
  • Screen: 5.3-inch
  • Resolution: 1440 x 2560
  • CPU: Snapdragon 835
  • RAM: 4GB of RAM
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Battery: 3,090mAh
  • Rare camera: 13MP + 13MP double focal point
  • Front camera: 13MP

Those who have small hands may likewise appreciate this gadget, as it accompanies a 5.3-inch screen. It’s a LCD board that has a QHD resolution and 700 nits of brightness – that is high for a cell phone and should mean your telephone’s show is effortlessly visible even in glaring daylight.

If you want your video to look incredible however, the super-bright and high-resolution show on the Nokia 8 will be an extraordinary fit for you. It offers 554 pixels for every inch, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t rival any semblance of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium with its 4K front board.

Antenna bands are there along the top and bottom of the phone, yet these don’t bring down the general look. The company has set them on the best and base to attempt and give you a good signal while holding the phone.

Underneath the screen is a unique mark scanner, which sits between the two navigation buttons. We found it fast at opening the phone with a sole tap, in spite of the fact that it is very little, so you have to make a point to put your thumb or finger exactly.

The Nokia 8 is not waterproof like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, yet it’s sprinkle safe at IP54, which mean you’ll have the capacity to utilize it in the rain without worrying about flooding the internals.



  • Dual rear camera with two 13MP sensors
  • Selfie camera is also a 13MP sensor and there’s a new ‘Bothie’ mode too


The company HMD Global wants to emphasize the camera tech on this phone – and it’s no wonder, as it looks like an impressive setup. Much like most of the major phones in 2017, it has opted for a dual-sensor array that uses two 13MP shooters.

One is an RGB lens and the other is a monochrome shooter, with the images from the two combined to offer improved quality in low light. You can also shoot using just one of the lenses if you wish, but you’ll likely only want to do so with the monochrome lens, as it allows for true filter-free black and white shots.

The images from the Nokia 8 don’t compare to those you’d get out of the Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7 Plus. If you compared to pictures taken on those phones, the snaps didn’t appear sharp enough, and it’s unclear what’s really missing here. In good lighting, though, the Nokia 8 performs well, capturing some super sharp-shots.

There is also a 13MP front-facing camera that give you some nice sharp selfies, which is good for when you’re using the new Bothie mode. The idea of “Bothie” is an interesting one, which allows you to capture both photo and your reaction to what you’re seeing.

Although Bothie isn’t a new feature – it’s a feature we’ve already seen on a few other Android phones, and its unclear why Nokia is pushing it so hard in its marketing.


  • Acceptable battery life, but the 3,090mAh cell won’t blow you away
  • Quick Charge 3.0 enabled so you can boost your device quickly

The battery in the Nokia 8 is a generally modest 3,090mAh unit, so we at first idea it may battle to control a QHD screen and additionally driving best end execution, yet the phone does great as far as concern with battery.

We discovered it would last until the finish of the day with medium to concentrated use, so in case you’re somebody who utilizes your phone a considerable amount you get through the day before its needs a recharge.

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