Elections Since the start of elections in our nation, keeping a track of all data has been a great problem. There was no single source responsible for providing accurate information about elections. Furthermore, this information was not available to the general public.

To solve this issue, the Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) has started a website by the name of “Election Pakistan”. This portal has all the information regarding elections that have taken place since 1970. The data provided on the website is totally accurate and up-to-date.

The portal has a complete election information repository which has all election analysis reports, statistical data and election related publications. It has election records of more than 62,506 candidates which have participated in elections since 1970. It provides complete results of National and Provincial assemblies of Pakistan.

ElectionsThe website has a very neat and easy to understand interface. The main page shows options for viewing election results and election reports. It also has a list of all political parties since 1970. With the list, information such as party flag, election symbol and party manifesto has been presented as well. In addition to all this information, latest news and event reports are issued on a separate page from where people can read.

On the main page, a slider shows information about the last conducted election results; mentioning the ratio of votes of each party. A search feature is also given which allows users to select any party, assembly, constituency and candidate to see results. If not this, then a user can enter a candidate’s name to search for his details and results.

About TDEA

The Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) is a nonprofit organization, ensuring parliamentary and governance oversight, political, elections observation and electoral reforms in Pakistan since 2008. TDEA is promoting democracy and bridging gap between citizens and elected representatives through field work, applied research, advocacy, election observation, governance monitoring, electoral reforms, oversight of legislatures and access to quality education. Moreover, TDEA strives to strengthen public accountabilities by enhancing capability of citizens’ associations for the promotion of civil liberty, peace, improved governance and democracy in Pakistan.

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