PR: Tech Valley Abbottabad is ready to launch its 3rd annual flagship Tech Valley Conference on tourism on 10th March 2018 at Jalal Baba Auditorium Abbottabad. The theme of the Tech Valley conference will be 3Ts; Travel, Tourism & Tech this year.
The conference includes notable speakers and panellist from diverse backgrounds with their expertise to highlight the potential in the untapped market of tourism. It would motivate students to initiate businesses related to tourism. There are panel discussions on the current status of the tourism industry and will foresee the future of tourism industry with technological advancement in Pakistan.
The projected audience for the conference will be around 800-1000 in the age bracket of 18 to 45 years with pre-event marketing focusing on university attendees and their peers. The key partners include Hashoo Group, TPL Maps, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board, Tourism Corporation KP, Sehat Kahani, Careem as logistic partner and Technology Times as digital media partner with many other partners to the conference. The academic partners are Hazara University, University of Haripur, IBA Karachi, UET Peshawar. Local businesses and tourism operators are also participating in the conference to showcase the adventure that tourists can have while traveling in Pakistan.
One of the key ideas behind organizing this conference annually is to invite all stakeholders to work together for a better future of tourism industry of Pakistan. Various entrepreneurs, tech gurus, private sector investors, government authorities, academicians will be gathered at one place – Abbottabad – a hub of tourism activities and a gateway to northern areas of Pakistan.
Tech Valley Abbottabad has already started a tourism incubation program and further planning to start a tourism accelerator to provide the support to existing tourism startups. Few of the startups are Meri Waadi, Hazir janab, BeeBags,Textte, Taizraftaar, MannChalla, Shiffakhana, Technoenjoy, 3D prototyping machine
With our right partners including Social Innovation Lab, British Council, Hashoo Group and The World Bank Group, we are aiming to change the tourism landscape with inspiring entrepreneurial ideas and sustainable tourism start-ups.
This tourism conference will be one of its kind in the region and pave a way further in exploring various avenues of collaboration for local investors, start-ups and government bodies.
The conference will aim to aware people about the importance of ecotourism and sustainable travel. Eco-tourism is responsible travel that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and education creates opportunities.
Tech Valley Abbottabad as the First Tourism Incubation centre of Pakistan has started exclusive Hospitality Job portal ( for the people of Pakistan.Tech Valley has also launched various capacity building programs and youth empowerment programs including coding Boot-camps, Digital skills training, English Language courses, and Hotel & Hospitality Management courses.