Microsoft certifications are a great way to validate your skills and knowledge in the IT industry. Getting a certification requires discipline, focus, and hard work.

You have to study hard in order to pass the certification exams. There are different resources available that will help you in preparing for the tests. One common resource used by many certification candidates is the exam dumps also known as braindumps.

If you are preparing for your Microsoft certification exams, you would probably have heard of these sites. Before you use this resource however you need to ask about its validity and usefulness.

In case you don’t know what exam dumps are, well, they are collection of real questions and answers provided by individuals that have gone through the process of writing a Microsoft certification exam. These questions are usually copied out manually or digitally by exam takers and passed to websites that then sell them to other candidates preparing for the same exam. These candidates are meant to believe that by memorizing the given answers, they can pass the examinations.

It is important to note that exam dumps (braindumps) are not a legitimate test preparation or training resource. The reasons for their illegitimacy are twofold; one, there is no legitimate test prep or training site that will have real test questions and answers. This is because no IT certification provider will willingly release them.

As such, an exam dump with real test questions and answers has acquired them illegally. By using the site, you are supporting a fraudulent activity. Secondly, the main purpose of having resource materials for your exam preparation is to learn and understand the materials to demonstrate your competence in the content domain.

Memorizing of answers has not done justice to this in any way and the test taker who does this has not earned his or her certification legitimately. He/she has only cheated other hard working candidates who have truly studied hard windows to pass the exam.

How can you recognize an Exam Dump Site?

There are many exam dump sites online and you should try to avoid them. As mentioned earlier, braindumps are not legitimate because no reputable training website will have access to real answers from certification exams. Always look for reputable training websites like Microsoft MCSA 70-535 Azure Certifications in order to study for Microsoft exams. There are some important signs to look out for in exam dump sites. They usually make promises such as:

  • 100% real test questions
  • Actual question and answers
  • They claim that all candidates have to do is to memorize the material in order to pass
  • They promise that you will have free access to actual test materials

The fact that using braindumps is a violation of exam policy cannot be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, it can result in the forfeiture of your certification and a life ban from the Microsoft Certification Program. Really, using exam dumps is not worth the risk of hurting your career.

If you are still not convinced about why you should not use braindumps to prepare for your Microsoft test, the ethical issues involved should really convince you. Let us look at some ethical issues that are associated with the use of exam dumps for your certification tests.

  • It is cheating.

This has been mentioned earlier but it needs to be emphasized. Using materials from braindumps is cheating. And you know clearly well that cheating is wrong. In the general terms and conditions of any exams procedure, cheating is a violation of the rules of examination. Really, it is all about your integrity. How can you be proud of a certification you earned through cheating? Microsoft has its training materials for different levels of certifications. You can get the right training material from Microsoft resource page.

  • You are promoting and enriching unscrupulous sites selling stolen resource materials.

Braindump sites are unscrupulous, and they are violating the copyright law. They don’t thrive because they are usually shut down by the government. Microsoft is very much against these sites as could be seen in the various lawsuits they have engaged in against these companies. By patronizing these sites, you are promoting illegal activities.

  • You cheat yourself out of learning and becoming better.

The whole idea of earning a certification is for you to learn and be better in your area of specialty. When you use exam dumps, you cheat yourself out of this process. You only get a certification with no substance to validate it. How will you be able to look at your employer in the face while presenting your certification when you know full well that you have not earned it?

  • They contain irrelevant exam questions.

You cannot fully rely on the resource materials gathered from braindumps. Their whole idea is to get test questions and answers that you can replicate during your own exams. The only problem with this is that Microsoft does not give the same tests all year round. The exams are usually rotated frequently. So how much help can braindumpsoffer you? The likelihood of getting the same questions on brain dump sites during your exam is very slim. So why should you waste your time investing in them when you can focus on the official study materials provided by Microsoft?

  • Microsoft can tell.

This might seem impossible but Microsoft has repeatedly mentioned that they use algorithms to detect if you use braindumps. They have not disclosed the actual method they use but they claim they check stuff like how fast you answer the test questions, answers you get right and wrong, the number of questions you answered, and many others. They also set questions they call “stealth questions” which are picked from exam dumps but with minor changes in the wording to create different sets of correct answers.

The bottom line is that Microsoft has put different measures in place to guide against the use of braindumps in their certification exams. Using exam dumps therefore is detrimental to your career.

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