Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad and Munno Bhai both are no more with us. Scientific community and literary community mourns the loss of scientist and famous writer as well on same day. Munno Bhai was senior journalist his column “Girebaan” was most popular because of its creativeness.

He wrote super hit PTV dramas which remains a big reason of his fame. In a nut shell he is the one who is most known in the whole Pakistani nation weather these are the house hold women or our young generation. They all are familiar with the name of Munno Bhai.

On the other side of the picture, it’s for sure that, “Dr. Ishafaq Ahmad” is the name which can’t be heard by our youth.

Pakistan’s most senior scientist Dr. Ishfaq Ahamd, a multipurpose theoretical physicist who served their whole life making important contribution in nuclear, quantum electrodynamics, especially for Pakistan.

He remained Chairman at Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) for more than one decade and senior science advisor to Government of Pakistan, as well.

He is the person under his supervision first design of atomic bomb was made, because of his honest efforts and positive initiatives PAEC signs numbers of agreement with CERN.

It was the efforts of Dr. Ishfaq which led to the creation of the National Centre for Physics (NCP), a centre of excellence in the field of Physics and related emerging disciplines on the lines of Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (AS-ICTP), Trieste, Italy.

Dr. Ishfaq also played a lead role in establishment of Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC) in Islamabad, where research on climatic change is being undertaken for the first time in Pakistan.

These are some efforts of just one personality, there are number of unheard scientist in the history of Pakistan who passed away mutely.

It is most unfortunate thing in Pakistan that these chapters are considered harmful to touch because science is dull, rough and boring, because it didn’t add spice and entertainment to our lives.

Science is not considered as part of Pakistan’s national culture.

Whenever you switch channels there is endless politics, dramas, any kind of entertainment but no programs on science learning.

There are just two science museums in Pakistan, one in Lahore and other in Islamabad, who always faces budget constraints. Overall, there is great ignorance toward science and scientists.

And this ignorance is not by chance, it is by will – the will of those who don’t want to see Pakistan as an independent country, who are against sovereignty of Pakistan. It is deliberate to stop scientific activities in our country.

Because every person, every organization have potential to progress, and have extensive talented human resource, if they get chance, they will deliver. So that, the enemies of Pakistan don’t want to establish scientific culture in Pakistan.

This responsibility lies to every shoulder, whether individual or organization, specially media to promote scientific information in the society because media is considered as weapon who have power to alter the thinking of common man.

There is a need of time to understand potential and power of science to establish science awareness for national development to see Pakistan sustainable and successful. T

his is the scientific age and we can’t deny it. For survival among developed nations we have to get benefit from science and from science legends.

We have to motivate our students towards critical and logical thinking which is not yet known to the so-called students of our country.