Pakistan Post will install Solar System in its 83 General Post Offices ‘GPOs’ with an estimated cost of Rs 205 million.

Initially, Pakistan Post installed 10 KVA Solar System in Rawalpindi General Post Office (GPO) with the cooperation of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) with an amount of Rs.2500,000.

An official of Pakistan told that Pakistan Post has a varied role beyond provision of communication link for individuals and businesses. He added that Pakistan Post is emphasizing the use of new communication and information technologies and to make it more secure, timely delivery of money and material at the doorsteps of the customers at affordable cost.

He said that Pakistan post is currently offering featured services including urgent mail service (UMS), Urgent Money Order Service (UMO), Fax Money Order Service (FMO) and Electronic Money Order (EMO).

Additional Director Pakistan Post said that Pakistan Post and NADRA has signed an agreement for renewal/ modification and delivery of CNIC through post offices. For the pilot project initially, 10 sites were selected.

He said that the reforms Agenda of Prime Minister under Public Private Partnership was in progress. Post offices are set up at some specific locations or areas keeping in view the financial viability as well as public requirement.