PARC’s Ispaghol Processing machine developed by scientists of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) gets an appreciation by Sikander Hayat Bosan Federal Minister for National Food Security and Riaz Hussain Pirzada Research and Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination. They further stated that this development will help people of Thar and Cholistan deserts to improve their earnings.

Both ministers expressed his views at the inauguration ceremony of Ispaghol processing plant.

PARC scientists informed the ministers that machine can process up to 400-kilogram of Ispaghol per hour. The ministers appreciated the three-stage plant after seeing its working capacity.

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Bosan added that Ispaghol is a medicinal plant that is grown on around 3,000-acre area in Cholistan and Thar deserts. The farmers of area are not getting the price they deserve.

He further stated that provision of local processing facility would enhance importance of local Ispaghol production that would benefit both farmers and traders, who would be able to market Ispaghol for good profit. He said that there would a time soon when Pakistan would be exporting Ispaghol.