“The National University of Technology Bill, 2017” has been passed by Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology.

This institute will be established to produce skilled workforce as per international standards with advanced equipment. The institute will not only certify technical skill development in affiliated institutes and regulate to make future needs of the industry and prospective opportunities offered by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The officials of Ministry of Science and Technology briefed the committee that the chancellor of the university will be president, while chairman board of governors will be the army chief, consisting of 17 members.

The bill will be approved after deliberations and certain amendments by the committee.

Other countries had made tremendous progress in science and technology told Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanvir told the meeting.

He said that education in science and technology was a pre-requisite for Pakistan to be among developed countries.

Tanvir further said that for masters and Ph.D. students the institute would impart technology education.

He added that skilled human resource is the need of time. The graduates of this institute will secure lucrative jobs not only in Pakistan but abroad too.

While enhancing the need of technology Minister said like Pakistan, Bangladesh used to have one shipyard, but now it had 26 but India had 150, and now it had more than 1,000.

Tanvir said Pakistan has to promote technology consistent with modern realities. The officials of the ministry said almost 80% of jobs were availed by non-skilled workers during 1950s but 90% jobs were for skilled workers.