Technology Throughout human history, we’ve always looked for better ways to meet and satisfy our needs. Our society is obsessed with technology. It’s almost as if we’ve become slaves to the screen. The truth is, most of us can’t last even a day without using technology. We have phones, laptops, iPads, TV’s and many of us couldn’t bear the thought of going without Wi-Fi. Many will try to deny it, but it’s the cold hard truth.

People argue that technology has brought us together with our community and increased our interaction with people. Yes, technology has brought us many advances, but in my opinion, we’ve become socially deprived because of it. Whenever you plug in your headphones, turn up your music, you become wrapped up in a technologic world that disconnects you from your natural surroundings.

Today in education technologies may be the solution to the learning of subjects, but they work against the learning of what are called social values. These social values can have no further development if you’re locked away in your room all day on the computer. To expand socially you have to place yourself in a social environment and grow in your relations with people.

If I go twenty years back, o greet birthdays, marriages, momentous events physical visit was considered pivotal. Each rendezvous used to result in strengthened family bonds, fastened relationships and shortened spiritual distance. There was no sensation of alienation and loneliness. We were sure of having people side by side in the time distress and demoralization. Then “phone” was thrown in our lives same as a stone is thrown in rivers to disrupt the peace of river. Preferences were changed, life was transformed, and new patterns of living were evolved. Instead of making a visit it was great comfort to say “happy birthday” or “Eid Mubarak” through a phone-call.

The one who receives a baby or gets married, gets a job or accomplish a degree posts a status and those who want to wish him either open-heatedly or close-fistedly comments below the status. No facial interaction, no warm-exchange of feeling just a hollow or dry “congratulation” we give or receive. I feel like that it is not the celebration rather an insult of the bounty that we receive.

Technology was introduced to make our life easier and comfortable so that we could have more time to celebrate, interact and to exhale a sigh of grieve. It was made the part of our lives to give us “something” may be some relief. But it seems that it has taken away more as compared to what it has given to us. I am not against the use of technology or communicating devices rather I just want the people to make their cell phones wait not the dear-ones.

Furthermore scientist has suggested there is strong connection between the excessive use of cell phone and various hazardous diseases. People who use social medial excessively are more prone to depression, anxiety and hypertension. This is not the end of the story rather a beginning. Unbridled use of smart phones while driving has exceeded the number of road accidents. Rapid invention and transformation in communication industry has widened the generation gap. Menace of morally weaken society from increasing cross-gender relationships by the uncontrolled use of phone and social media are yet to unearth

Though technology may seem like an easy alternative to communicate and connect with others were becoming “technologic zombies” in exchange. Our once close society is slowly braking into pieces that so many are oblivious of. If we’re already so detached from our surroundings and close family because of technology then what will become of us in the near future? How much further can this issue increase before more people realize the affects it has on our world? To escalate in isolation may be the only push our country needs towards breaking point. For the sake of our nation a well-established solution needs to be reached before it’s too late.