With increased demand for 3G and 4G networks among public the mobile handsets market is growing rapidly in Pakistan. Pakistan is a potential market for manufacturing mobile handsets and telecom equipment, but unfortunately, investors and tech companies have very little interest in developing manufacturing plants in Pakistan.

Pakistan has many opportunities for manufacturing of mobile phones, telecom, and internet equipment. Big firms and investors, however, are focusing on importing these products rather than establishing manufacturing facilities said President of Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF).

Zahid Hussain said that in Pakistan mobile phone users are around 140 million while broadband service users are 4.5 crores. These numbers affirm that gadgets manufacturing companies should firm their footings by establishing their manufacturing facilities in a potential market of Pakistan.

Zahid added that major reason that has made investors to hold is a devaluation of rupee, an imposition of heavy regulatory duty by the govt are the hidden sides of the story. Another initiative that is the discouragement of smuggling has raised prices of mobile handsets setting strong foundations for local investors to build their manufacturing facilities in Pakistan.

The business leader also pointed that due to the current policy of govt the prices of ordinary mobile phones seeing an increase. He demanded that govt should take steps immediately to make low-end phones must be little cheaper.

For a better digital ecosystem, service providers also need to improve their services for increased 3G/4G users.