Lahore zoo has purchased three years old white tiger that has flown from Egypt in the morning, said authorities. After the purchase of Lahore Zoo, the number of white tigers has become five in the zoo now.

The zoo authorities have confirmed that male tiger was purchased for Rs5.3 million. The authorities also added that zoo generated the funds.

Currently, the zoo has a female white tiger and her 3 cubs.

In order to attract more and more people, the zoo is actively acquiring more animals, but they are not paying any attention to the overall well-being of animals.

A male cheetah has died because of diarrhea on 30 November. The cheetah has spent just 30 days at the zoo. The cheetah was 4 years old. It was imported on October 29, 2017, from South Africa.

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After few days the male cheetah was diagnosed with diarrhea. Despite receiving treatment from the University of Veterinary and Animal Science (UVAS) experts the cheetah died.

The death of cheetah has raised a question on zoo management. The zoo has also lost female elephant, Suzi, a giraffe, and lion cubs, among other animals in mere 4 months.

Lahore Zoo Director Hassan Ali had said that the management is aware of its responsibilities. He added that many measures have been adopted to provide a conducive environment for the animals.