Canada government is open to provide a 52-week work permit or a permanent resident to Pakistani tech startups for better connectivity and penetration in the international market.

Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs will have tickets to the Toronto-Waterloo region, also known as the Silicon Valley North. The Silicon Valley is home to many tech startups and international companies.

The representative of Accelerator Centre, Canadian Silicon Valley, has revealed visa programme for the Pakistani tech startups and entrepreneurs to the Momentum Pakistan-2018.

Momentum Pakistan-2018, a mega event that is bringing digital world’s giants like Facebook, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Microsoft and several others to Karachi, Pakistan. The representatives of these tech giants will mentor and support with tools and funds the Pakistani entrepreneurs and startups. Premier Pakistani and international companies will discuss sharing their APIs (Application Programming Interface) with other startups.

Canadian government has facilitated Pakistanis with some relaxations in visa programme so that local startups can have a platform to brand and build their business in the international market.

Momentum Pakistan founder Amir Jafri said that Canadian representative will be the part of Momentum 2018, in Karachi to support the local startups. The center will also address the concerns related to the visa programme once a month through a video session on the Momentum Pakistan-2018 platform.

Amir Jafri added that Pakistani startups could keep their operations in Pakistan, visa would only facilitate them to get benefit from the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The visa will help them to access all Canadian corporate programmes, mentors, and other resources.

Cam Wind explained about the preference in the visa grants and said that the startups with innovative technology-based initiatives, not services, and with a history of certain revenue generation, a strong founding team, a clear future vision, and growth perspective.

Pakistanis entrepreneurs face many challenges in getting a visa to the developed countries, but the Canadian government’s offer could be a game changer. Canadian Silicone Valley’s representatives would open new roads for Pakistanis.

Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation founder Muhammad Siddique said promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan will promote “learning to fish for life” and for that Momentum, Pakistan-2018 would be offering countless fishing techniques.