Chikoo is botanically called Manilkara zapota belongs to family sapotaceae. It is very delicious fruit worldwide. It is minor fruit in Pakistan. It has very nutritious with following some major health benefits.

  1. Chikoo is very rich in fiber, thus behaves as a laxative. So, consumption of chikoo is good for digestion and gastritis. A mixture of chikoo with a pinch of salt is used as a treatment for constipation. So, it aids in promoting weight loss and prevents obesity.
  2. Chikoo helps in preventing the occurrence of colon cancer, oral cavity and lung cancer. Fiber present in chikoo protects the mucous membrane in the colon from cancer.
  3. Vitamins, minerals and sugars like sucrose and fructose present in chikoo strengthen the body, provide resistance against pathogens and help in destroying the free radicals. Vitamin-A aids in maintaining good vision and healthy skin.
  4. Chikoo consists of tannins which act as a medicine to
  5. Not only the fruit but also its leaves are used as medicine to reduce inflammation. After taking fresh leaves and boiling them in water for ten minutes, leaves are separate, and water is consumed. This water can also be used for gargling.
  6. Chikoo has a hemostatic quality which helps in averting the loss of blood during piles and injuries.
  7. Consumption of chikoo helps in reducing bacterial and viral infections and helps in ease of pain and muscle spasms. It acts as a medicine for cold and cough. It helps in removing blockage of nose.
  8. Chikoo acts as natural sedative helps in reducing stress and relaxation of nerves. It is a best natural anti-depressant. It acts as a medicine for insomnia, anxiety and panic disorders. It rallies mental healthy.
  9. Chikoo is rich in latex, which is used by dentists to fill tooth cavities.
  10. Folic acid present in chikoo helps in the formation of red blood cells. Chikoo supports in the development of the fetus during pregnancy.
  11. A paste made with chikoo fruits and flowers prevents
  12. Chikoo can be eaten with skin. It helps in maintenance of good healthy.
  13. Potassium in chikoo regulates blood pressure and blood circulation.
  14. Chikoo prevents water retention in the body by maintaining water content.
  15. Chikoo helps in removing toxins from the body through frequent urination. It helps in removing body wastes. It protects kidneys and supports in the removal of kidney and bladder stones.
  16. Chikoo seeds can be made into a paste and used as an ointment for insect bites.
  17. Chikoo has amazing benefits for your hair and skin. Eating chikoo helps in maintaining healthy hair. Oil extracts of chikoo seeds provide nourishment for hair and scalp.
  18. Chikoo acts as a medicine for seborrhea dermatitis.
  19. Chikoo seeds can be made into a paste and applied to the scalp, which treats dandruff.
  20. Consumption of chikoo helps in maintaining glowing and healthy skin. Vitamins present in chikoo moisturize the skin and make it look beautiful. Seed kernel oil of chikoo is used as a skin ointment. Chikoo aids in making skin smooth and fights against fungal infections.
  21. Antioxidants present in chikoo fight against aging and reduce wrinkles.

            Guidelines to purchase and store chikoo fruit

  • Always select fresh and ripened fruits. The ripeness of chikoo can be tested by pressing it gently with fingers.
  • Select chikoo fruits which are in decent shape and color.
  • Avoid rotten, hard and spotted chikoo fruits.
  • Chikoo fruits can be stored at room temperature for a few days.
  • Chikoo fruits should be stored in a cool and dry place.
  • Chikoo fruits can be stored in a refrigerator at a low temperature for a week.
  • After buying, it is best to consume chikoo fruits within 3-4 days.
  • Raw chikoo fruits, when stored in a rice of bag for two days, can be ripened.

This article is collectively authored by Mehwish Raza, Dr. Rashad Mukhtar Balal, Mujahid Ali
(UCA, University of Sargodha)