We are living in era of advancement and we are advancing towards more and more advancement day by day. We are part of technology age and for our own comfort and ease dependent upon technology and in real sense viewing our dependency we can’t live without technology. Yes this is the part of life and important like oxygen and air for us. Our survival without advance equipment’s is impossible. We are dependent for communication, for business, for daily routine home work even in most of the fields robots are replacing humans. As we are going towards ease we are advancing in red zone of nature.

UV, IR, X-RAYS releasing from equipments are continuously harming us. These rays are causing DNA damage so called mutagenesis not only we are in danger but our next generations are also not in safe zone. Most of the types of cancer are causing due to these rays. First of all the great problem of our era is ozone depletion because of which we are too mush expose towards radiations. Mutagenesis in germ cells are causing genetic diseases in coming generations so causing diseases generation after generation. Every new child is becoming victim of a new type of disease which is caused by daily a new type of mutation and it is too much alarming.

Most of the diseases are incurable and still scientists are working on them. Every new day we face a new person with a new disorder. On one side technology is our achievement and on other side it is loss of nature. We have lost our healthy traditional so called desi processes which were the surety of healthy life. Students, employees, teachers in-fact every other individual are using computers, laptops and different technology items for different purposes and they are on risk of low frequency and radio frequency electromagnetic radiations exposure. WHO calls these radiations carcinogens and they also cause serious diseases. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is common today. Using laptop by putting it on belly while laying can cause prostate cancer in man and ovary cancer in woman.

Cell phone users are also not safe especially pregnant females while developing a new life it is must to stay away from all these radiations as possible. These radiations can cause pre paralysis in new born, premature birth, brain disorders and a long list of disorders. Every minute every second our body is absorbing plenty of radiations. It causes stress, depression as well as digestive problems. A normal person is too much addicted to cell phone now a day that’s why facing multifactorial diseases. Due to rapid increase in disease level its causing depressing situation for world health organizations because morality rate is increasing per capita.

Here are some suggestions which everyone should follow to keep him safe from daily routine radiations don’t use cell phone too much just use for important purposes, don’t get too close to low frequency radiation sources. Don’t use radio communication facilities in your computer and network equipment as well as Bluetooth. Use modern flat computer screens as they produce far less EMR than the old fashioned cathode ray screens did and also less than the order flat screens. Keep the distance of almost 12 inches from screen so you will be out of harm. A good rule of thumb for a modern big screen is to halve the screen diagonal to get the minus safe viewing distance. So for a 30 inch screen you would need to keep 15 inches away. Cell phone screens are continuously harming eyes and skin so causing harmful diseases and allergies. Pregnant females should keep these radiations producing equipments at least at distance of 3 feet. Try to do work own as possible don’t be dependent on technology too much. Stay safe and keep safe.