Telenor Pakistan’s new campus 345, which had been built with $80 million investment, said CEO Irfan Wahab while briefing the media at Telenor’s new campus 345.

“For us, innovation goes beyond sophisticated equipment and high-tech settings, though we have the best of both here at our new campus; the innovative and collaborative working environment we have developed gives our employees the freedom and flexibility to create solutions that supplement our ambitions.” he further added.

Telenor is one of four cellular mobile companies operating in Pakistan, has so far made Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of more than $3.5 billion to enlarge its network and provide modern telecom services, Irfan added.

The CEO exposed that huge investment is required, as it would connect remote areas through voice as well as data connectivity. He further added that, Pakistan is the most competitive markets with lowest voice and data charges, but Telenor investment plans are in pipeline to move 80% of its network to 4G-compatibility by the year 2018.

Irfan told that it take almost 12 years to roll out 2G service in the country and three years for 3G whereas one- third population of the country is being served with 4G service in a year and it will spread to 80% by the next year.

He further stated, “our goals of fostering a larger digital and financial inclusion in the country, we continuously transform our workplace to be innovative and inspire great ideas”. 

Refusing the notion of building domination in the telecom sector, Irfan said that Pakistan was one of the most competitive markets, with lowest voice and data tariffs.

Khurrum Ashfaque, Chief Technology Officer, Telenor Pakistan said, “Telenor had appeared as Pakistan’s primary digital lifestyle partner as it continues to lead the country’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-powered digital revolution.”

He further elaborated that our Network Operations Center makes real-time monitoring of Telenor Pakistan’s network that make it possible to provide any changes on the go.

He also gave a demonstration of License Assisted Access (LAA) trial of 4.5G (Wifi+LTE) services active in selected areas of 345.

“As we have objective for our 4G services to cover over two-third of our network in 2018, we are continually introducing new and better-quality services for our customers that increase our expansion efforts,” Ashfaque added.

Telenor new campus 345 is Telenor’s long-term investment commitments in Pakistan which is USD 80mln state-of-the-art campus in Pakistan. This purpose built campus has capacity to house 1,300 employees, having with the facility of day care for female workers and cafeteria having capacity of 350 people.

This building also have water recycling, rain water harvesting, solar energy, earthquake resistant, double glazed efficient glass so it doesn’t allow heat and in-house drinking water system.