Every year, IJSO is organized having the maximum participation of 300 students from 15 different countries represent their respective fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. Olympiad aims to introduce the students at a youthful age that is under 16 to an international network of science enthusiasts and intensify their interest in natural sciences.

Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) had selected a team of 6 students to take part in the 14th IJSO, Musa Hamza, Dania Sofia Rahim, Tauseen Kalsoom, Syeda Ibtisam Naqvi, Muhammad Waleed, and Mahmood Qureshi were selected from different schools of Pakistan.

The students were given two individual tests and then a practicum needing a team effort based on real-world challenges like water and sustainability. ‘Water’ has become a critical issue worldwide Access to good, clean drinking water is an increasing problem in some countries, while the developing countries run anger of disastrous surges on account of environmental change.


While talking to Technology Times Ms. Rehana Batool Senior Science Promotion Officer (PSF) clarified that “as per policy of PSF any student can avail one platform to participate in international competitions”.