Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) stated that Pakistan will be first the 1st nation in South Asia to introduce 5G internet services, in its annual report.

It added that on this front Pakistan would even beat its regional nation, India, that is also on the run for introducing the most advanced internet service in post-2025 according to Amresh Nandan, research director at advisory firm Gartner.

While Pakistan is all set for launching its most awaited 5G technology by 2020. The training to test 5G cellular connectivity, the first of its kind in South Asia, had already on the roll according to the annual report for 2017 of PTA.

Federal cabinet had already issued a permit to cellular companies to test 5G technology in without charging the users. Network and cellular companies are conducting lab and field tests and when is ready to launch the technology as soon as possible.

More than 87% of the population of Pakistan user of cellular mobile networks, among them 70% are using 3G services while only 30% can access 4G LTE services.

Security of Data and Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) is also a critical issue for Pakistan due to its geopolitical importance. PTA in this regard working on to set up telecom licensees. It is of utmost importance that the ICT developments in Pakistan are portrayed on the national and international level.

Therefore, PTA has engaged the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) to do a national survey for measuring the true level of ICT development in Pakistan. PTA also has some plans to auction more spectrums in 1800 MHz band for NGMS services, according to the report.