ACTED Pakistan launched a pilot project to promote sustainable solutions for women empowerment, through training in nontraditional sector for Pakistani women that is solar energy. ACTED for the first time in Pakistan has train 54 women in Multan, Punjab, as solar technicians, with support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). So, from 18 of the recent graduates have secured employment in the solar energy sector.

Multan village with no access to electricity for up to 20 hours per day has to face severe energy shortages and very hot temperatures. The participation of women in formal employment that contributes to poor socio-economic development of the region.

ACTED with ADB are committed to change this by training women as solar technicians with a broader aim to meet the energy demand gap, as well as an open wide range of opportunities for women.

For women in Pakistan energy sector is considered a non-traditional profession in which women are not trained or engaged. ACTED’s solar training has enabled women to go outside alone for training and work.

With time, the group began accepting the changing part of women and support for their training began to increase. Training was restricted to sunlight based innovation as well as concentrated on enterprise or initiative.

The training not just gave women new and better open doors, however, they found that their new aptitudes could likewise enable their family and group with expanded vitality to get to. Freedom is the key result of this training with their new aptitudes women never again need to depend on men to do repairs at home. In addition, these women would now be able to share money related obligations and gain for themselves. Students trust that they can motivate other women to learn and carry out more.

“To conquer the many difficulties, what was key for ACTED was the help of the group – having the group activated, included, and guaranteeing that families and groups had responsibility for was being done,” said ACTED Deputy Country Director for Pakistan.