Psychologists addressing a seminar “Terrorism and Misuse of Technology,” event organized to mark World Mental Health Day at DHA Suffa University and sought adequate grooming of native youth to help them appear as a sound source of development and not a victim of technology-induced exploitation. The people from distinct levels of society along with many students have attended the event.

Dr. Kiran Mushtaq, Institute of Clinical Psychology, Karachi University emphasizing that terrorism has risen as the most intense danger for the present-day youth said every nation is in the procedure of creating or fixing its approach to counter the hazard. It is our aggregate duty to give them right discussions and appropriate direction clearing a path for their intellectual as well emotional stability,” said the psychologist.

Referring to his own and expert experience abroad, the senior educationist said it was high time to redress the second thoughts about the nation and its people. “I am completely certain about the limits of the young in Pakistan and firmly propose enough stages for them to express their capacities at each level,” he said.

Dr. Shahid Iqbal said display day youth are substantially aware and develop so can without much of a stretch be accepted during the time spent national development. Dr. Syed Shamim Ejaz, Assistant Professor, Business Psychology Department, Institute of Business Management (IBM) talked about the procedure of mental improvement among the young.