An international training workshop on ‘Rapid Appraisal Procedure (RAP) for irrigation modernization’ directed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in alliance with Government of Sindh, successfully concluded by the Secretary of Irrigation for Sindh Province.

The training focused on the first step (RAP) of a larger method set up by FAO to review irrigation system performance and plan for irrigation modernization: Mapping System & Services for Canal Operation Techniques (MASSCOTE).

Training aimed to prepare Irrigation Sector Managers and Engineers in the Rapid Appraisal Procedure, give experiences into the execution of huge water system frameworks, and distinguish proposals for changes in water conveyance benefit.

The Secretary of Irrigation, Jamal Mustafa Syed, was satisfied that the preparation brought officers from both Agriculture and Irrigation Departments and Ministries together.

Talking about the event he said “It regards see officers from both the Irrigation Department and Agriculture Department cooperating. The Irrigation Department cannot in any shape tackle all issues unless they work in close cooperation with the Department of Agriculture.”

He additionally praised every one of the members from both Pakistan and Afghanistan, for effectively finishing the preparation.

He additionally refreshing FAO, the World Bank, and the water system staff of the Khipro waterway framework for organizing this preparation and the field visits.