Pak-China The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is paving the way for educational excellence between China and Pakistan with mutual university collaborations, and research think-tanks being established. CPEC is providing study abroad and research opportunities for students of both countries. An essential part of the CPEC is to promote and facilitate institutional collaborations between Pak-China. Institutions in all fields of life are enriching their associations across the border to benefit from enhanced knowledge pool and diversified social context.

Universities can play significant role by developing collaborative environment through initiating linkages amongst stack holder of two country including academia, industry and government representatives. Such collaborations will enhance the significance of academic institutions in nation building. Inter institutional collaborations can be realized by arranging seminars, technology conferences, exhibitions and cultural shows to develop and defined the area of mutual interest and understandings amongst the peoples of two neighbours.

By establishing Office of Research & Innovation Centre (ORIC) as well as Chinese Language Centre can act as an effective tool for developing industrial linkages in all major institutions across all the provinces of the country. In the primary stage, the two governments have created cross-border linkages amongst various public and private institutions. These collaborations are not restricted to a single field and diversify the cooperative network to academia, electronic and print media, cultural institutions, and research & development organisations.

Realizing the importance of CPEC different institutions have started their collaborations with Chinese institutions. Iqra National University Peshawar has established Chinese Study and Language Centre and signed MOU with Sichuan University –China .This mutual collaboration also focuses on provision of scholarships for INU students in Chinese university. Similarly Peshawar University established China Study Centre.

The most solid action and appraisable efforts executed by government of Punjab and Punjab Higher Education Commission by initializing and signing MOU,s  and undertakings amongst various Pak-China academic institutions. Punjab government launched Chinese language scholarship program with amount of 600 million rupees to train 500 Pakistanis professional and graduates in Chinese language with assistance of University of Education Lahore.

The government of Punjab also signed MOU with Chinese universities to establish Skill and Technology University as well as Chinese language and cultural centre in particular universities. Chinese Study Centre has also been established at Government College University Lahore with financial assistance of government of the Punjab to foster bilateral relationship in various spheres of life. The Centre will forward recommendations to federal and provincial governments based on objective research and will also explore avenues to further strengthen China-Pakistan relations under CPEC.

Chinese Higher Education Commission secured the 83.5 score as 9.2 compared to Pakistan at QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2016 and considered amongst the best higher education system of the  world.

It is golden era for our country to embellish our academic institutions, industries, R&D organizations, higher education system from Chinese institutions through bilateral cooperation. The most famous proverb “Pak-China friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than ocean and sweeter than honey” will prove productive if CPEC reflect prosperity in life of common man of both neighbouring countries.