Geographical Evaluation of Agriculture in Pakistan: Challenges and Remedies’ a 3-day conference organized by the Department of Geography, Shah Abdul Latif University, (SALU) in association with HEC, was inaugurated at the university’s campus.

Syeda Nafisa Shah Jillani, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNA, chief guest on the event while SALU Vice-Chancellor (VC) Professor Dr. Parveen Shah directed the inaugural session.

Dr. Syeda Nafisa Shah Jillani stated, “Geology and horticulture are interlinked. Pakistan is honored with high mountains, roughly 2,800 feet high and 1500 miles in length delta locale.”

“It was after the British attacked India that they built barrages. In the past the floodwater was the principle wellspring of agribusiness,” Nafisa included.

She said that waterlogging and salinity was expanding step by step because of blemished water system. She additionally educated that because of ocean invasion, 2.2 million sections of land agribusiness had been ruined.

SALU VC Professor Dr. Parveen Shah expressed gratitude toward all national and global speakers, “I am sure that their valuable commitment and important recommendations will help build up the agribusiness segment,” she hoped, and said that the Department of Geography had finished all plans to introduce a sub-meteorological station in the office of Pakistan Meteorological Department.

“A GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory to be finished at the cost of Rs2.3 million have likewise been affirmed by SUPARCO,” she included.

She said that industrialization is the time of social and financial change that changes a nation from an agrarian culture to a modern one. Pakistan’s foremost characteristic resources are arable land and water,” she stated, farming segment was disregarded both in the created and immature nations of the world.”

Dr. Waseem Raza from China, Dr. Ahsanullah Khattak from Peshawar, Dr. Jamil Hassan Kazmi from Karachi, Dr. Mumtaz Hussain Mahar, Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Dr. Noor Hussain Chandio, Department of Geography Chairman Dr. Javed Iqbal from Karachi and different speakers discussed fast dissolving of ice sheets, surges, water defilement, hydrology, condition, trim supporter, agribusiness biotechnology and trickle farming in their addresses.

They additionally said that horticulture sets out the establishment for financial advancement and development. In Pakistan, the environmental change is clear in the situation of a dangerous atmospheric division. Environmental change specifically hits the water resources, they said, and included, proper use of land is a basic piece of fruitful cultivating.

The researchers from China and the nation over are taking part in the meeting and are perusing out their examination papers on different subjects.

Educator Dr. Noor Ahmed, Pro VC, Main Campus, Professor Dr. Abdul Razak Mahar, Professor Dr. Taj Muhammad Lashari, Professor Dr. Mir Munsif Ali Talpur, Professor Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, instructors, inquire about researchers and understudies went to the inaugural session of the conference.