After 3 days the annual conference of Pakistan Society of Neuro Surgeons (PSNS) concluded in Islamabad. Two hundred plus delegates from across the world attended this conference. Dr. Khalid Mahmood from Punjab Institute of Neuron Science Lahore General Hospital has presented his research papers among other 3 seniors in the conference.

The conference discussed issues like modern technique of DBS, diseases of Parkinson, disk surgery through endoscopy to bring back disks of neck and brain through minor cut on eye-brow. Experts have also answered many questions of participants.

Neuro Surgeon Dr. Khalid Mahmood said that his main goal in life is to influence greatest research to work in the Neuro field spreading it for others’ benefit. He said that he needed to send new discoveries to the youngsters so that the future specialists ought to present the innovative strategies and treatment for the patients. Dr. Khalid Mahmood said that young specialists have a great deal of potential and they would get an appreciation for Pakistan in the coming days at international level. Answering an inquiry, Dr. Khalid said that Pakistani surgeons have a good reputation in other countries.