Pakistani cellular market of smartphones switched to the new technological revolution of artificial intelligence, superphones to lead industry dynamics and turn out to be an integral part according to Huawei Pakistan Country Head Blue King on the sidelines of the recent launch of their new Mate 10 series.

The new series phone has world is first artificial intelligence processor Kirin 970 with ability of object recognition and other machine-learning he said, adding that every new machine would be created on artificial intelligence.

Pakistan too has witnessed a technological boom in the smartphone category. In recent years, increasingly brands have emerged in the country and invested heavily in their marketing campaigns as industry experts believe that majority of the Pakistani customers are brand-conscious and do not bother much about technical aspects.

King said his company also wanted to increase awareness of its products.

“People know about our company but should know more deeply,” he said. “We are not in the business of manufacturing cell phones only; we are also global leaders in the network data business.”

Globally, Huawei has invested $45 billion in research and development, which King considers being the company’s main strength over the past 15 years. Last year alone, the company poured $15 billion into its research and development wing.

“Majority of the contemporary brands are focusing on camera technology. We have enhanced technical aspects as well and introduced four cameras for photography.”

Marketing strategy

Since its beginning, Huawei has invested heavily in its public relations and marketing campaigns by utilizing traditional methods and mainstream media platforms.

Since the company claims to be extensively interacting with the youth via internet, it is now focusing more on marketing the brand on social media.

“Traditionally, we have spent only 5-10% of our total marketing budget on social media advertisements, but for the past two years, this percentage has tripled in view of many customers on the internet,” King revealed.

He said the dynamics of Pakistan’s smartphone industry were still healthy with technologically advanced machines being appreciated by domestic customers.

The future will be lived in loudspeaker mode

“Pakistan’s smartphone market is growing at least 5% every year with plenty of room still to cover. We came in the Pakistani market five years ago and need some time to surpass our competitor Samsung which has its presence in the market for two decades,” he added.