Moroccan embassy in Pakistan has pledged support to COMSATS Secretariat in Islamabad for achieving its mission of South-South cooperation, as well as establishing contacts and strengthening relations with Moroccan institutions.

This pledge was made by Moroccan Ambassador Mohamed Karmoune at his meeting with Executive Director COMSATS Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi during his visit to the COMSATS secretariat, Islamabad, on Tuesday. Senior officials of COMSATS were also present during the meeting.

On the occasion, Mr. Karmoune showed keen interest in COMSATS’ projects and programs in response to the presentation made by Dr. Zaidi.

He said that COMSATS has been working with a number of organizations with similar mandates and has been involved in bilateral and multilateral projects related to science and technology-led socio-economic development. Involvement and contribution of Morocco in such projects with COMSATS has been beneficial for the people of Morocco.

Morocco is a relatively recent member of COMSATS as it joined the organization as a Member State during mid-2015. The Ambassador was urged for his cooperation to help ensure Morocco’s participation in the 21st Coordinating Council meeting to be held in Kazakhstan during 2018. The participation is of crucial importance in view of the prospective induction of Mohamed V University, Morocco, in COMSATS International Network of Centres of Excellence as its 22nd node.

COMSATS’ heads of state-level forum, the General Meeting, and the ministerial level forum, the Consultative Committee, are expected to meet in 2018 for which, Morocco’s participation was also sought. Dr. Zaidi expressed his desire to have stronger representation of Morocco in other fora of COMSATS, such as its international Technical Advisory Committee.

Rabat-based ISESCO has been sponsoring recent activity of COMSATS’ International Thematic Group on ‘Mathematical Modeling’ that has participation of scientists and experts from Bangladesh, China, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania. COMSATS-ISESCO cooperation continues since 2004 for a number of projects, including a web-portal: Islamic World Science Net and has resulted in co-organization of over 60 S&T capacity-building events in the common Member States of COMSATS and ISESCO. These include two that were held in morocco in 2016 and 2015, on the themes of Internet Security and Applications of ICTs, respectively.Moroccan embassy

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