Once upon a time, I was monitoring an industry as a consultant where I had to investigate the Environmental Pollution profile of industry; whether the industrial activity was involved in creating pollution or it was in compliance with legal requirements and working as per Environmental Protection rules and regulations. I was busy for the whole day and got very tired when approached my home. I was hungry, thirsty and fatigued. I got sleepy just after I lied on my bed. When I didn’t feed my materialistic body and ignored my conscious mind, it took me quickly to a world of dreams, where I saw a very strange dream!

I saw myself standing on a big golden rock where I was chained tight. I saw a strange creature approaching me and to my surprise; she was a beautiful girl in the shape of Earth! She was partially filled with water and a major part of her body is composed of rocks and solid soils.

I thought she was the Earth’s dummy and I am at a museum! But I was wrong. When I came closer to her, I saw the up and down movement of her chest which indicated she was breathing (Biosphere). Her hairs were blowing softly (Atmosphere); her eyes looking watery as if she has an ocean in them(Hydrosphere); and her head looked as if it was made up of priceless stones (Geosphere).

Before I asked any questions, she spoke, “I am the Earth whose materialist form had been extracted by nature because I was totally destroyed by man-made activities. I was the first whose dust became the source of first human being and now the grandchildren of grandchildren of that human being have become the source of my destruction”. “Isn’t it strange!”, She asked.

I wanted to talk but despite multiple attempts, could not utter any words from my tongue.

She said: You are first one whom I took to this place, I will take revenge from all of you till the last human on earth. Although I am independent but my spiritual form, my materialistic body is still in the cage of humans! They are destroying my body with all means. My water is being polluted, my climate is being altered, my land is being degraded, my air is being polluted and I am dumped with various types of wastes, she continued to speak. You people are always spreading war among yourself and I have been affected allot of such wars. I devoted myself for you, ‘O’ the great humans! You  erected buildings, you’ constructed shelters from my material for your housing and living needs; but you also constructed factories which are releasing hazardous content in the air. I offered you my water, which I evenly distributed for all of you; I thru my fruits and vegetables for your consumption that grows under my belly, but all of you polluted them with your satanic intentions and never-ending wishes!

How can you justify now? Tell me, she asked.

I replied her: I’m human, and an environmentalist, I often become more careful as compared to others due to the professional knowledge. I am also a researcher and writer in the field of environmental sciences; my all-time occupation is environmental sciences – its learning and its teachings. Besides; I am also clear observer of society and its people. My observation power compels me to make a link between environment, society and people, so besides environmentalist which made me natural researcher, I am also a social researcher. I am keen explorer of nature and its changes. I perceive the nature and its changes more quickly and I always eager to coordinate nature, its changes and the impacts of such changes on people. I am passionate leaner of knowledge – knowledge of every subject. I have strong imaginary powers; my powers enabled me to explore the whole universe. I can go into the depth of everything from atom to galaxy without moving my materialistic body. I have a unique power of “Intuition”, which is given me by Nature itself and that is revealed only to selected ones, through this I can see beyond the skies; I can perceive without observation. So, I assure you I will fight this war against you; and will expose to all who are directly or indirectly responsible in emitting pollution and thus converting this earth into hell for our very own future generations. I assure you that I will fight the whole world through my instinct abilities and the powers given by Nature, and one day all the pollution will be washed out from this Earth.

Earth came closer to me and smiled for a while, and then hit me strongly with a stone. I fell down where I was dreaming. Oh, such an awful dream!

I woke up and wrote the entire story into my diary with an aim to save mother earth from every kind of pollution and poison for the sake of humankind itself.