Tunnel farming is not as much as a boon for farmers in Punjab and other upper parts of Pakistan as vegetables grown two months in front of the real-time window bring three to five times more cost.

The elevating patterns in prices of the kitchen crops, particularly tomatoes and onions, have made off-season veggies technology more well known among the farmers.

Tunnels, the structures making up steel channels secured by plastic sheets have of late mushroomed in Pakistan’s fields, generally in focal Punjab locale of Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, and Gujranwala, following the suit of homesteads in Khyber Pakhtun Khawa, the north-western area.

Nurseries of tomatoes, chilies, and caspcus transplanted in Punjab and the yield anticipated that would be at fruiting stage by February.

The technology not just helps create the yield no less than two months sooner than the conventional development season yet, in addition, spares the product from a wide range of extreme climate and dealing with related issues. In Punjab, the commonplace government is giving a sponsorship to the buy of trickle water system contraptions while USAID is giving specialized and budgetary help to producers in Khyber Pakhtun Khawa. Be that as it may, because of absence of mindfulness, the region under tunnel cultivates in Punjab isn’t more than 350 sections of land which are simply particle when contrasted with a large number of sections of land of horticulture arrive in the territory.

“An ever-increasing number of cultivators should swing to this technology; We are prepared to give a wide range of help,” says Dr. Zafaryab Hyder, Director General Agriculture Extension, Punjab.

Presentation of tunnel farming has delivered another variety of chances, at first for the dynamic farmers who can get cost for tomatoes, capsicum (Bell Peppers) thrice in early time window than the customary period of development. The proprietors of land tracts with tunnel farming are for the most part taught youth, for the most part, horticulture graduates and Masters’ in Business Administration. They are no additionally being misused by the agent.

Or maybe, they give high-esteem off-season vegetables specifically to lodgings and departmental stores. Other than vegetables, even the cultivators of strawberry in Lahore and Sheikhupura regions have received the tunnel farming to shield their crops from the extreme climate conditions. With the section of consistently, the eventual fate of this new technology is ending up increasingly splendid particularly the prolific rural grounds of Punjab. The eventual fate of tunnel farming appears to be brilliant in Pakistan as producers have begun grasping the technology recently.

Be that as it may, the progressing smoggy climate in the Central Pakistan has thrown sick consequences for the harvest by upsetting the photosynthesis procedure much required for the plant development. Producers expect that per section of land yield may decrease radically if the ominous climate conditions proceed.