National Testing Service (NTS) acting CEO Dr. Sherzada Khan dismissed and under an investigation for accusations like misuse of authority, resources, and incompetence, on a letter from Minister of State for Science and Technology Mir Dostain Khan Domki to the NTS Board of Directors Chief Dr. Raheel Qamar.

Subsequently after leaked questionnaire of the pre-admission test just a day before examination NTS is fronting many investigations through Federal Investigation Authority (FIA), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

State Minister Domki said that recent complaints and reports in the media against the testing authority produced a corrupt name for institution.

Minister instructed BoD executive to shape a test board to consider the issue and ‘instantly administer’ the administrations of Dr. Khan as ‘prudent steps’ until the point when the request was finished.

“These grieved calls for quick strides by the BoD to dispatch an investigation into the issues and matters of NTS being cared for on acting charge premise by display CEO of NTS-Pakistan,” read the letter.

Minister additionally educated to grow the extent of the request to previous CEOs, ex-executive BoD and position holders (top managerial staff) among different authorities concerned, including that the request report must be displayed inside a month.

The letter came to fore daily after a traditions court in Rawalpindi summoned six NTS authorities incorporating Sherzada Khan for a situation relating to tax evasion and tax avoidance of more than two billion rupees.