Communication is the backbone of our society whether it is Science and technology or other important matters of life. It is a tool to make connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, ability to progress in progressing world and in life, itself, is impossible. From presenting research papers and technical ideas presentations in academia to presenting ideas and pitches to your client, informative public speaking is a vital component of a successful career across all work fields including science and technology. Once you have their attention, a good informative speech sharing your knowledge of a subject.

Regarding this matter, Tech Valley Abbottabad has organized a one-day workshop on public speaking and presentation skills. Public speaking is most be afraid of forms of communication at student level that effects their communication with society regarding innovation and research they have done in their academia that is called Glossophobia or speech anxiety.

The workshop was conducted by Syeda Zehra Batool who is a certified trainer from Cambridge. She has delivered the basic tips for improving public speaking including Glossophobia, power of pause, expression and all of above the energy and passion to influence your listener. Her unique and impressive speaking has created a charisma on participant of workshop. She has introduced each and every term uniquely to audience. Extremely energetic and interactive session has involved every single participant to deliver their innovative ideas impactfully to public.

The session was themed as Bol K lab Azaad Hain teray to encourage youth to overcome their speech stress share their innovative ideas to public to make this world a better place with effective communication.