15 days preparing a workshop on hydroponics horticulture under the venture titled ‘Testing Indigenous Hydroponics Model for Vegetable Growing’ in a joint effort with Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan started at Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi – PMAS-AAUR.

Testing Indigenous Hydroponics Model for Vegetable Growing

PMAS-AAUR, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad was the central visitor at the inaugural session which was likewise gone to by dignitaries, chiefs, employees, and agriculturists.

More than 30 ranchers from Punjab territory and different territories of the nation will get preparing on hydroponics innovation under the instructional course. This is a sixth instructional course out of eight, under which add up to 200 agriculturists would be bestowed preparing on hydroponics innovation.

Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad stated, hydroponics framework, in which development is finished by encouraging and water under a particular procedure by controlling atmosphere into good conditions, definitely would lead the horticulture division towards advancement and productive bearings.

The framework is a protected, nutritious approach to create tasty and top-notch vegetables and organic products in a sound domain by embracing the gigantic innovation with capacity to deliver agro items up to 40 times and 100 times conservative than Europian show.

He underlined the need to make mindfulness among the cultivating group at residential levels and execution of innovation in the nation over.

The VC stated, the college is resolved to accomplish the target by imparting creative thoughts and encounters to farming group