Pakistani team of engineers is all set to go for hyperloop for the SpaceX Hyperloop pod design competition. The team was competing for last 2 years and makeup to advance level in the competition.

It was the only Pakistani team that has made up to Texas A&M Design weekend among those 120 teams from a competitive pool of 1000+ teams globally made to the SpaceX design weekend USA. Pakistan was among 20 nation that contributed to campaign and made to advanced levels.

After the publication of innovator, visionary and entrepreneur Elon Musk publication on the Hyperloop concept Space X has announced in 2015 first hyperloop pod design competition.

Hyperloop is the 5th mode of travel involving propulsion of a pod at the speed of 700mph i.e., nearly an airplane inside a depressurized tube considered to be a cheap mode of transportation.

Team Burraq a multi-varsity team consisted of LUMS, PIEAS, GIKI, and NUST that has been through the initial qualification but did not make to finals. But Space X for acknowledging the efforts and commitment of Burraq was invited to SpaceX Headquarters for the Hyperloop pod design competition II on August 27th, 2017.

Barkat Saifee stood for Pakistan and LUMS at the event. He said that it was an exciting opportunity to interact with leading technologists, scientists, and engineers from across the globe and to observe worlds most advanced rockets producer technology.

He added that competition was with top-notch universities such as MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Virginia Tech, TU Delft among other top institutions from around the globe.

The event in itself is incredibly prestigious and the whole world watching it is a source of cutting-edge innovation. This has been a once in a lifetime opportunity to an organization that works at the level of NASA or even beyond.