Jazz, Pakistan’s number 1 digital company, has celebrated customer obsession week in order to further strengthened its customer-centric agenda. Jazz’s leadership itself has led the activity. Jazz has taken this opportunity to intermingle with both internal and external customers to increase further understanding of customer’s needs.

The day was celebrated with festivities all around offices of Jazz countrywide. Asif Aziz, CCO Jazz, and Faisal Sattar, VP Business Services, has kicked off the day at a live workplace session. Employees at the session and online were stimulated to trail values of company that are customer-led instead of being customer aware.

Asif Aziz said at the occasion that customer obsessed thing lets Jazz ahead of the game by regularly molding offerings as per the customers’ needs. This idea includes everyone in organization coordinated, to celebrate an entire week to encourage our customer obsession value.”

Employees head office and from all of Jazz’s regional offices posted their recommendations about customer obsessed and what it means to them and how it influences their line of work?

CEO, Aamir Ibrahim, has also visited various Jazz Service Centers/Business Centers in Thatta and Hyderabad to relate with customers and regional employees.  Other activities included interactive sessions with B2B clients and students from local universities, where management can respond to customer queries. Jazz’s leadership will close the week by interacting exclusively with these internal customers to gain valuable feedback, considering employees are customers too.