1st International Conference on ‘Poultry Processing: Farm to Fork Management to aware ordinary customer about poultry meat market concluded in a ceremony organized by Department of Poultry Production of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) and K&N’s.

Poultry production and nutrition aspects of meat quality, halal slaughtering, food safety measures, capacity enhancement of academia, medicine residuals, poultry welfare during live hauling, poultry product development, shelf life and packaging, poultry meat and consumer health, rendering and waste disposal, including five technical sessions, 35 presentations on different topics and a mini-exhibition featured in the two-day conference.

 Former President Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Abdul Basit chaired the concluding ceremony of the conference. International speakers from the USA, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Netherland, Malaysia, and China and from the poultry industry and universities of Pakistan like Vice-Chancellor Meritorious Prof Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha, UVAS Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Nasim Ahmad, Chairman PPA North Zone Dr. Arshad Hanif Choudhary, Prof Dr. Anjum Khalique, Conference Organizing Secretary Prof Dr. Athar Mahmud have attended the ceremony.

It was concluded from poster and oral presentation of ICPP consumers have no awareness about poultry meat quality and most important about its safety as there is no regulatory authority to monitor poultry meat market whether the bird is diseased or dead bird in wet market.

Other issues related to poultry market are transportation from distant farms, severe weather conditions and inappropriate slaughtering of birds, blood retained/coagulated in drains cause different health hazards.

Withdrawal of antibiotics from meat is totally lacked in regulation system that have a direct effect on human health, also no mechanism to control diseased bird making its meat dark that customer does not want to buy.

Conference suggested that regular customers should buy processed meat for healthy eating. The development of processing industry can hitch the rising prices of meat too by balancing the demand and supply chain. It will create awareness about the nutrient values of processed meat among commons. The processing industry maintains proper hygienic condition from farm to fork.

Mr. Abdul Basit said that issues faced by poultry industry can all be solved by poultry processing. Furthermore, he added that recommendation from experts will uplift poultry industry. He also praised UVAS for organizing a conference in an appropriate manner.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha express thanks to HEC and public, private investors for financial help in organizing this conference. He said with joint effort of public and private sectors poultry industry will be truly a science-based industry and has implemented internationally best practices in its value chain.

Abdul Basit and Dr. Pasha distributed shields and certificates among the organizer of the conference and different companies’ representatives.