AugmentCare (AC) has raised $1 million in seed capital an extraordinary achievement that has not been achieved by many Pakistani startups. AugmentCare (AC) is a complete healthcare app that connects patients with doctors, pharmacies, and laboratories. AC has recently launched its patient app for Android on Google Play Store which will soon be available for iOS as well.

Lahore-based company has piqued interest of local and international investors in East Asia and is planning to use its acquired capital to increase its team and expand its operations countrywide. Team AugmentCare seeks to change lives by improving healthcare conditions and correct many problems related to retrieving and receiving high-quality health care.

AugmentCare has around 30,000 patients registered but this app also helps doctors to gain access to many patients. There are 125 doctors from Lahore and Karachi on the platform that are growing consistently, while the international doctors expressing interest as well.

CEO Hyder Mumtaz said that in a digitally connected Pakistan technology rules our lives, then why not healthcare. App aimed to improve healthcare experience and contribute to the economy of Pakistan.”

Hyder Mumtaz and Ahmed Shuja, founders of AugmentCare, both experienced in health tech in UK, Australia, and the Middle East. They discovered that they are enthusiastic about improving healthcare conditions and making healthcare accessible worldwide, but decided to begin initiative with Pakistan. The journey of AugmentCare began in mid-June 2016, as Ahmed and Hyder devised this as solution after identifying several gaps in facility of convenient and accessible healthcare in Pakistan.

AugmentCare’s beta pilot project was conducted at LUMS, world-class research university in Lahore. Students were given access to eight medical professionals via the platform, including a mental health professional a specialty that was highly demanded and popular amongst this young and tech-savvy market. Over 25% of the student body signed up for the app and used it intensifying the importance of technology to simplify healthcare.

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Ahmed Shuja explains how AugmentCare is a comprehensive, high-convenience, and easily accessible healthcare app. AugmentCare has been designed for humans. For doctors, their staff, pharmacists, pathologists, insurers with one thing in mind that anyone and everyone can be a patient, from CEOs to HR personnel (corporate accounts), and everyone else in the healthcare ecosystem.

AC is enthusiastically getting ahead in growth into other cities in Pakistan and collaborations with Fazal Din, largest retail chains of pharmacies in Pakistan and Sehat, a reputable online pharmacy. It is also collaborating with Shaukat Khanum and Chughtai Labs. TPL, an established insurance provider, and other businesses are also partners.

Team AugmentCare strives to create an impact everywhere having aim to revolutionize healthcare in Pakistan, touch lives, and provide a means to a healthier, happier future.