PR:  World’s 5th largest construction machinery company XCMG has celebrated 1st Anniversary of its operations in Pakistan. With this XCMG Pakistan service quality miles activities officially kicked off.

 Now the service team jointly set up by the service staff of China and Pakistan will continue to search for all XCMG equipment in Pakistan and conduct free inspection and guidance for customers in the next few months.

 On the occasion, the service team from the hands of leaders took the XCMG banner to mark official launching of the XCMG Pakistan service quality Miles activities. Large number of Chinese and Pakistani companies high officials were present in the event and expressed keen interest in the XCMG products displayed on the occasion.

 Besides Chargé d’ Affairs Chinese Embassy Zhao Lijian, General Manager XCMG Group Asia-Pacific DEPT Ma Zhongyi, Vice President of Shandong Heavy Industry Group Xu Zichun, representatives of Chinese construction enterprises in Pakistan, China and Pakistan mainstream media, nearly three hundred people gathered for curtain raising of service line activities.

 Zhao Lijian affirmed the XCMG Group in Pakistan market achievements, and XCMG mechanical products to help the construction of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) put forward higher requirements. He asked all Chinese-funded enterprises and Chinese overseas to work with more enthusiasm, cooperate closely to convert CPEC a dream of Chinese nation into reality.

 Speaking on the occasion, General Manager of Asian Pacific of XCMG Ma  Zhongyi, said that construction was an important sector with profound foundation, bright future, heavy responsibilities and rewards for efforts.  The XCMG Road Machinery national brand with nearly 70 years of industrial accumulation and development is going all out for the world’s top three and greeting the 19th CPC National Congress.

 “We are delighted to see that since the 18th CPC National Congress, XCMG construction and maintenance machinery has made great progress in face of the changing market environment under the new normal economy, product completeness and overall scale are now in the leading position in the world, leading products such as truck crane, road roller, grader and paver continue to maintain the first place in the industry throughout the country, and sales of large tonnage road roller top all over the world” Ma  Zhongyi added. 

 General Manager of XCMG Pakistan Guo wenlong said that the series of, complete sets of, and intelligent display and promotion of XCMG construction and maintenance machinery products covered more than one hundred products Quality and service is the focus of XCMG aspects of the customer to create value is that we always adhere to. such as 39-ton road roller (the world’s largest tonnage), Asia’s largest 550-horsepower mine leveler, 16.5-meter super large paver, new generation of chassis maintenance equipment, and environment friendly mixing station.

 Besides, a series of leading technology and construction process were intensively presented and promoted, including unmanned technology for single drum rollers and double drum rollers, super wide/super thick/super thin compaction paving, and RIMS “Remote Intelligent Management System” to meet customer equipment management.

 This new product release will blow up the charge horns of XCMG construction and maintenance machinery industry in tamping the middle-end, highlighting high-tech and positioning high-end, making XCMG firmly occupy the commanding heights of industry technology in the “Three Highs & One Large” field.

 XCMG will successively launch the fifth generation of complete sets of high-tech road machinery products (Series 5) with original technology prior to 2020, fully open the leading position in the domestic industry, and strive to catch up with the advanced level of world industrial benchmark.

 Shandong Heavy Industries Group Vice President Xu Zichun, said in his speech that XCMG has always been firmly committed to the concept of “Internationalization, Streamlining, Improvement of Weak Links and Sustainability” as a model enterprise in transformation and upgrading and has been speeding up the pace of exploring high-end manufacturing and building world-class brand.

 This new product launch event displays the new technologies, new products and achievements obtained by XCMG Road Machinery Sector through innovation-driven development since the 18th CPC National Congress, and shows the new breakthrough and progress made by XCMG in the aspects of intelligence, energy saving and emission reduction, safety and reliability.

 It is very glad to see that XCMG Road Machinery Sector always insists on the ultimate and unremitting pursuit of the gold standard of “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products”, always adheres to the customer-oriented service concept, and repays the vast majority of construction machinery users with high quality products and services, setting a good example for the whole industry.

 XCMG Road Machinery has a long history: it began to develop road roller in the 1950s, and in 1960, the first steam road roller in new China was produced by XCMG, which opened the curtain of compacting machinery development and made XCMG the founder of China’s road machinery industry.

 Experiencing the technology import in the 1980s as well as the digestion, absorption and re-innovation in 1990s, XCMG gradually formed a unique and mature technology route, and the enterprise manufacturing technology was getting close to the world advanced level step by step, promoting the high-speed development of China’s pavement construction machinery for 20 years and making XCMG become the pioneer of the industry.

 In 2013, XCMG Road Machinery Sector was founded. In recent years, XCMG devotes itself to the development and application of intelligent pavement construction machinery, and opens up a new page of pavement construction machinery technology in China, becoming an innovator and leader of the industry.