Telenor Pakistan has planned to convert more than 70% of network to 4G by adding a site every hour with heavy investment to further enhance its 4G/LTE footprint in Pakistan at its headquarter in Islamabad.

Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan told media that new brand philosophy `Jo Har Pakistani Chahay’ portrays commitment we make product and service adapt to customer lifestyle.

Telenor Pakistan has also exposed revitalized brand philosophy `Jo Har Pakistani Chahay’ along with 4G development plans, suggesting its focus on distributing as per evolving customer needs.

Irfan Wahab Khan said Telenor for accomplishing its vision of `empowering societies’ works tirelessly by various digital and financial initiatives made for changing needs of customer.

He further stated that Telenor Pakistan’s relit brand philosophy `Jo Har Pakistani Chahay’, to connect with our customers to answer their call of “Jo Mein Chahoon” to becoming customers favorite lifestyle partner.

He said Telenor has rolled out over 3,000 LTE sites in more than 110 cities of Pakistan since license acquisition in June 2016.

More than 600 LTE sites with special arrangements are at Karachi only such as spectrum reframing and dual-band usage made for enhanced user experience.

Telenor Group for LTE has received heavy investment for infrastructure enhancement repeating Telenor’s commitment in Pakistan.

CEO Telenor Pakistan, Bilal Kazmi said every Pakistani has opportunity to be the best versions of themselves `Jo Har Pakistani Chahay’ with power of data.

Chief Technology Officer Telenor Pakistan, Khurrum Ashfaque said that brand mission to empower our customers are set to expand the 4G/LTE footprint in Pakistan.

4/5G network rollout to accommodate to ever increasing needs of subscribers and bring the benefits of digital technology.

Telenor has a high-efficiency spectrum utilizing all four 4 bands along with first telco in Pakistan having cloud computing services, he said.