Software experts, Facebook Engineers and the tech-heads across Pakistan gathered at one table to hold a community hack day, at an event in Lahore.

Engineers of development team at Facebook has also come for the event so that can have focused on Facebook Community Challenges in this event. Adnan Majeed, software engineer at Facebook, provided guidance to participants about refining their entries for Facebook Community challenges. Different like-minded techies are too good for networking over to one forum due to the event.

Community Leader at the Facebook Developers Circle, Danish Rizwan has hosted the hack day. Facebook Developer Circles is organized by the community members, to connect and collaborate with each other.

Facebook Community Challenge is an open competition for user to find out technology solution for different Facebook products. To employed to build new technologies either the closed source technologies of Facebook like Login, Account Kit, Analytics and Messenger or open sources technologies like React, Fresco, and Litho.