Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only substituting humans from workplaces and carrying out more precisely various complex everyday jobs. Now Journalists should pack bags as AI has empowered computers to write poetry, paint masterpiece, author a novel or a screenplay.

BaseH has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Writer, named Dante at Karachi. Dante, AI program has successfully written Pakistan Stock Exchange closing reports. The software will soon be able to write small news reports after getting data from local and international news channels.

The company stated in a recent blog post on their website that Dante has to learn style of writing installed and quickly adapt to new writing styles and editorial policies or preferences.

Dante’s stories written were sent for feedback to expert journalists of country. I was unable to differentiate that whether the story is written by a human or a Robot said one of journalist in his feedback.

BaseH is converging on media houses to yield endless content in no to little time with same staff. The company is hoping AI writer could be an additional resource by newspapers, TV channels, and blogs as to save focus of editors on other stories.

Pakistan has a great potential for software developers and IT professionals, this innovation in content development will certainly change the landscape of technology in Pakistan.