Travoney, Pakistan’s first P2P THE group shipping application is standing for Pakistan’s startup culture in current year’s Startup Istanbul.

Travoney interfaces travelers and senders for quick, secure and bothers free conveyances. Startup Istanbul main startup occasion that gathered organizers, financial specialists, and officials in the area. It is a social event of a gathering of leading startups, internet companies, business angels and venture capitalists from Asia and Europe.

Travoney is the principal sharing economy application to leave Pakistan and named as a disruptive technology, testing coordination industry having procedure stream which incorporates not more sharing of the resources. It needs about half as much time as courier companies to dispatch urgent deliveries.

Travoney was secured by MIT Pakistan Economic Review and was as of late a feature on Business Plus TV’s syndicated program LIVEWIRE. Protocols and measures guarantee deliveries in time by a system of confided travelers. Settling on it for millennial and cell phone clients. P2P display enables travelers to get money and take care of expenses by delivering parcels in transit to their proposed goals.

Saad Iqbal, CEO and Co-Founder Operations, and Strategy stated, “at Startup Istanbul, that to discover deep-rooted mentors, peers and energizing startup ideas that are problematic to accomplish more noteworthy achievements.

Team is inspired, motivated, and prepared to acquaint an amusement changing idea at the occasion with the worldwide crowd. We search for introduction, acknowledgment, and networking opportunities. Getting a venture is similarly essential for aspirations, arduous work, and dedication over a year.”

Right now, there is no immediate rivalry in the $300 million courier express and package (CEP) to a unique P2P model. Travoney honored to present an economy-sharing model that is extraordinary for nature and far better for the general population. In Pakistan a substantial number of individuals procure Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 every month.

On the off chance that Rs. 20,000 considered middle of pay account, urgent delivery through courier companies costs Rs. 1,009/kg from Karachi to Lahore. This high rate is around 5% of the family unit pay, soaring up to 30% on mass deliveries. this is constraining Pakistanis to add to this lucrative market.