Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and KP’s Ministry of Science, Technology and IT have signed an agreement for setting up of a high-speed internet connection in 25 colleges all over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and University of Peshawar. PTCL Suleman Awan, GM-Digital Services, and Ishtiaq Hussain CPO- Department of Sci, Tech & IT of KP government inked the agreement.
Senior Minister for IT and Health Shahram Khan said that now as the government of many projects have already been started for the public welfare for giving creative and beneficial services for inhabitants of KP. He also added that the government has a special focus on using technology for giving various facilities to the people across KP. He specified that he accepts on PTCL’s endeavors with respect to the KP government’s drives for public welfare.

Both KP government and PTCL are slanted to getting sorted out organized transformation by establishment of technology and IT-based infrastructure. This activity would guarantee that students and staff of advanced education associations may approach the PTCL broadband Wi-Fi office. This would help students and staff to get to the substance and material they must investigate for refining and examining their research.
PTCL is upbeat for making this concurrence with government of KP for scattering ICT services, Chief Digital Services Officer-PTCL Adil Rashid said. He likewise included that the means taken by provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are calculable and would help in getting positive changes the imperative parts like Information Technology, Health, and Education.
He specified that PTCL will keep giving useful and adaptable digital facilities and products for enhancing ways of life and strengthening of people.
Since 1947 PTCL premier and greatest Information and Communication Technology specialist of nation. Its Satellite Services, Wireless Broadband, Voice Telephony, Carrier and Wholesale, Data Centers and Digital Television are giving correspondence and network offices to an enormous number of clients and organizations.