Popularization of Innovative Technologies developed by the R&D organizations and through Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) funded research projects is a must for socio-economic development of the country, it was stressed in a meeting at PSF on October 24, 2017.

The Meeting chaired by PSF Chairman Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf was attended by Director Generals of S&T organizations, Senior officials of Ministry of Science and Technology, PSF Director Research and Directors ORIC (Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization) from universities.

The Chairman PSF stressed the need for developing a mechanism to popularize indigenous innovative technologies developed by R&D organizations, especially through electronic and print media to project the research work for benefit of the end users.

The meeting decided that PSF may act as facilitator and catalyst for popularization of innovative technologies and in collaboration with Commercialization Cell, Ministry of Science and Technology, act as focal point for identification of such technologies.

Dr. Ashraf highlighted various programmes of PSF for popularization and promotion of science in the country.

Dr. M.D. Shami, eminent scientist, ex-chairman of PSF and first Pakistani recipient of UNESCO Kalinga Award for Science Popularization, who was especially invited to the meeting, gave valuable suggestions for popularization of innovation technologies. He stressed that the S&T as well as R&D organizations may develop effective coordination and their heads should meet on regular basis for projection of their research work.

It was also decided that the meeting of Directors ORIC may be held regularly on quarterly basis for identification of innovative technologies and strategy for their commercialization and projection.

PSF Chairman Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Chairs a meeting of Directors ORIC for popularization of Innovative technologies at PSF on Tuesday.