CELEBRATION OF World Space Week (WSW) in capital city by Institute of Space Technology (IST) attracted a lot of students of schools and colleges of twin cities. Four-day activity based program is celebrated in collaboration of Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) at IST’s campus.

Theme of WSW of 2017 is “Exploring New Worlds in Space”, had produced space knowledge among the students of science and space innovation lover. This ceremony begun on October 4, 2017 and enlighten the students till October 10, 2017.

Qaiser Anees Khurram HI(M), Chairman SUPARCO admired much the efforts of IST to give awareness about space technology among the youth and educating the students about the benefits of space technology.

While talking to Technology Times Chairman SUPARCO Major General Qaiser Anees Khurram said that development of a country is revolved around the development of its space technology, and SUPARCO is very much focused on it. Though Pakistan is comparatively a new player in this field among its neighboring countries, but remarkable achievements have been achieved in a short period of time.

He further said, “we have already launched a satellite that is catering our remote sensing, agricultural mapping, disaster management, town planning, forestry, oceanography, etc. And two more satellites would be launched next year that would cater to national and international requirements”.

Highlighting the capability of satellite space sector revenues, he said “there is huge revenue streams involved in it, SUPARCO is fully aligned to harness those benefits”.

Qaiser Anees informally announced for Pakistan’s first optical remote sensing satellite PRSS-1, that would be launched in 2018, with which Pakistan will become self-reliant in multispectral imaging thus contributing national exchequer by saving huge foreign exchange on account of satellite imagery and satellite-based monitoring of various national projects.

“World Space Week (WSW) had celebrated according to the United Nation’s General assembly’s declaration of 1999. Pakistan is working hard to enter into the kingdom of space science and technology and related applications. Success of space programs is greatly depending on public understanding and support. Therefore, it is essential to communicate the profits of space technology on continues basis to general public”, said by Vice Chancellor IST Engineer Imran Rahman.

Succeeding the legacy of past 12 years, and following the theme of Space Technology Education and Popularization (STEP), over 100 different schools and colleges from locality of Islamabad and Rawalpindi had participated in 221 different space themed events and activities of World Space Week 2017 at IST. There were 4000 registered participants of WSW 2017 and over 2000 visitors/guests participated in WSW at IST.

The events and activities of WSW 2017 includes, Space in Quran, Space Declamations, Space Quiz, Space Extempore Speech, Space Innovation, Shooting the Night Sky, Space Birthday Party, Live Space Telescope, Navigating Google Earth and Space Character Parade.

The theme of WSW enabled the debates surrounding where we explore next, be it on Moon, Mars or beyond. This stimulate event organizers to set up exiting space exploration events at schools, universities, science centers, planetarium, astronomy, clubs, companies, and even museum.

Celebration of World space week 2017 opened the paths to improve the huge human knowledge and awareness of the clear benefits of space technology and its dimensions. This illustrated that the explorations have no end, and the sky is limit.